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CFDE Metabolomics Workbench Virtual Summer Workshop 2024

General information:

Metabolomics Workbench

Metabolomics Workbench page on GitHub

NIH CFDE data search portal

Tools developed under the CFDE program:

MetENP: Tutorialon GitHubAppyter

Gene ID conversionTutorialREST API (SmartAPI)on GitHub

MetGENETutorialREST API (SmartAPI)on GitHub

Clinical Observations and Vocabularies (ClOVoc)

Playbook Partnership Workflow Builder (PPWB):

We integrated MetGENE APIs into the PPWB being developed by the LINCS DCC of CFDE.

MetNet:  on GitHubTutorial with example of a Playbook WorkflowREST API (SmartAPI)

Metabolomics Workbench Knowledge Graph:  GitHub page Tutorial

CFDE MW Use Cases:  GitHub pageUse Cases Document

Access and Use statistics and FAIR metrics:

on GitHub

Feb 13 - March 13, 2022

Aug 01 - Aug 28, 2022

February 2023

July 2023